When Cats Pose Like Pin-Up Girls The Results Are Beguilingly Cute.

With the invention and consequent popularity of the internet, other forms of entertainment have taken the backseat. Take pin-up art, for example.

With their seductive charm and ethereal beauty, these glamorous models once won the hearts of men across the U.S. They were wildly famous in the 1950s but they are no longer as prevalent as they once were, especially not in print. After all, why would anyone need a pin-up on their wall or in their wallet when they could easily save a copy on their computer or phone?

But pin-ups are still available for the most nostalgic of us. There is also one digital artist who is reviving the art with a special twist, and her work is taking social media by storm. Rachael Aslett of Perth started a Tumblr called “Cats That Look Like Pin-up Girls” and netizens are smitten.

Just like the pin-up girls, our favorite felines are already ruling the hearts of people across the world. They have devoted followers who can’t go about their days without looking at these little bundles of joy.

Rachael Aslett is an artist, photographer, web blogger and designer.

One of her first clients was the clothing store Hurly Burly. Her first project was to promote their website in a unique way and on a limited budget.

While playing with ideas, the Perth-based artist stumbled upon a photoshopped picture of a cat resembling a pin-up girl. Aslett was immediately inspired to start a new project based off of this idea.

catsthatlooklikepinupgirls / tumblr

She started a Tumblr blog called “Cats That Look Like Pin-up Girls.”

“The idea came from finding one match out of the blue,” Aslett said in an interview. “I thought it was kind of funny and realized there were probably a lot more matches out there. I never thought I would be able to make as many as I did!”

Cats are one of the most widely searched terms online, so Rachel’s blog quickly rounded up a hefty following. Her blog currently has over 58,000 users.

catsthatlooklikepinupgirls. / tumblr

“When I see an image, I will just know that I have a match for it saved. Strangely enough, I have found that male cats are actually the best matches.”

It only took a single picture to inspire her. Following this humorous web encounter, she started surfing the web to find more matches.

“From creating the blog I have learned that I have a pretty good visual memory,” she said.

catsthatlooklikepinupgirls. / tumblr

After the success of her Tumblr, she has been offered a book deal.

With all the feline lovers out there, it wasn’t too surprising to see her blog turn into an overnight success. She now divides her time between freelance projects and the blog.

As far as her creative process goes, she says that she doesn’t follow a certain order to search and arrange the posts.

catsthatlooklikepinupgirls. / tumblr

“If I find a particularly interestingly posed cat photo, I save it and just hope to find a pin-up that matches,” she reported.

And this works both ways, too. For example, if she finds a pin–up girl photo she instantly saves it with hopes that she’ll find a suitable match later.

catsthatlooklikepinupgirls. / tumblr

“I’m starting to think that the pin-up artists must have used cats as inspiration for their images,” said Aslett.

It isn’t a contest but fans are saying that some of these cats are more alluring than their pin-up counterparts. In a few of the photos, it’s almost as if the cat is challenging the model, daring her to match her feline splendor.

catsthatlooklikepinupgirls. / tumblr

Aslett started the page three and a half years ago and has no intention of bringing it to an end.

This is great news for cat lovers and pin-up lovers alike. You’d be surprised to learn that Aslett has never actually owned a cat herself. Still, she says that her work has brought her immense pleasure.

catsthatlooklikepinupgirls. / tumblr

If you liked Rachel’s work and want to see more of it, visit her website or Tumblr. Just a warning, you might end up scrolling all day long.

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